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Since its beginnings in 1993 Tonal Refraction has been supported by contributions large and small from many individuals who value the impact of Nancy Garniez’s study of the inner life of tone, and her dedication to revealing its power to individuals at every level of musical achievement. The work could not have developed without that financial support. Now that two volumes Tonal Refraction I: Mozart’s G Minor Piano Quartet, and II: Schumann’s Waldszenen are available, the job of promotion has entailed conferences, reviews, ads, interviews–another level of commitment. At the same time preparation of both III: Beethoven’s “Spring” Sonata and IV: Brahms’s Op. 87 Piano Trio are underway, at a level utterly unforeseeable until formation of the Tonal Refraction Ensemble.

Thanks to the financial support of many individuals over the years, Ms. Garniez twice presented Tonal Refraction at peer-reviewed International Conferences of the Music Perception and Cognition Society in Seoul, Korea (2014)  and in San Francisco (2016) as well as at a regional conference sponsored by Harvard University: significant recognition of the validity of this independent research and scholarship.  Without doubt this work is at the cutting edge of the concerns of that discipline.

Ear logic conveyed by the specific composition and perceived independent of learned concepts, was put it to the test in  Mozart: Modernist, a three-concert series at Tenri Institute in New York City (spring 2019), with young musicians who specialize in far-out contemporary music.   Now continuing to work together, The Tonal Refraction Ensemble,  Artie Dibble, viola/violin; Dave Eggar, cello; Nancy Garniez, piano; we are determined to document this approach for younger generations by recording, making a documentary, and through social media.  

We encourage your support at one of four levels, each acknowledged with the gift of one of Ms. Garniez’s original creations made of recycled fiber, visible at :

Leading Tone:  For your gift of $250,  a scarf  ($25 non-deductible)

Triller: For $500, a top:  ($50 non-deductible)

Resonating Angel:  For $1000, a wrap:  ($100 non-deductible)

Pedal-point supporter: For $2000, a rug/coverlet ($150 non-deductible)

You may, of course, opt not to receive a gift, and may note as much with your contribution.  But we hope you will choose to receive one of these objects made and available only in support of Tonal Refraction.

Tonal Refraction is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Tonal Refraction must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Thank you!

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