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Anybody home?

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Funny, how we take for granted that someone is listening when we talk to them. Do you recall ever talking to someone who wasn't paying the slightest attention to you and/or to what you were saying?

The presence of the speaker does make a difference, doesn't it?

A person who dares stand up in front of an audience and address them in song is speaking to everyone in the room.

I remember sitting 4th row center in Alice Tully Hall when Thomas Quasthof sang as his second encore Schubert's An die Musik. It was a Sunday afternoon. My family was in the midst of dealing with unbelievably difficult health issues. Music was saving us, as individuals and as a family. It was inevitable that I heard every sound he made, as if he was addressing me personally. I dissolved in tears. I don't know to this day how he made it through, but after he finished he looked me straight in the eye and said "Thank you."

That is what every singer assumes: We are in this together, never more than right this minute.

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